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          2019-09-17 13:37:58| 湖北中公教育


          1. Any equipment that does not arrive in perfect ______ may be returned to MQZ Electronics free of charge.

          A. development B. condition C. situation D. problem

          2. Drade Technologies has responded _____ to our proposal for its new advertising campaign.

          A. favorable B. favorite C. favoring D. favorably

          3. _______ analysts’ predictions, McKnight Electronic engineers were able to create a battery capable of lasting twice as long as previous models.

          A. Nevertheless B. Contrary to C. Except D. Provided that

          4. Artists at the Zadone Gallery are able to create reproductions of famous paintings that are _____ authentic looking.

          A. remark B. remarkably C. remarkableness D. remarkable

          5. ______ just six months ago, Finson’s Grill has quickly become one of the most popular restaurants in Delton.

          A. Opened B. To open C. Had been opening D. Been opened

          6. Akira Nakayama __________ delay the filming of his documentary in the rainforest when his equipment didn’t arrive on schedule.

          A. has to B. will have to C. had to D. having to

          7. Bus services between Town Center and Newton Housing Estate will be ______ until the motorway is repaired.

          A. discontinued B. suspended C. halted D. ceased

          8. The ______ of new scientific discoveries to agricultural production makes jobs easier to do.

          A. permission B. development C. devotion D. application

          9. He is ______ to be a great writer, but I don’t like his style and his novels.

          A. proposed B. supposed C. opposed D. imposed

          10. His English teacher is always finding fault with him, ______ makes him annoyed.

          A. what B. that C. who D. which

          11. I’ve been writing this report ______ for the last two weeks, but it has to be handed in tomorrow.

          A. finally B. immediately C. occasionally D. certainly

          12. The boy slipped out of the room and headed for the swimming pool without his parents’ ______.

          A. command B. conviction C. consent D. compromise

          13. We regret to inform you that the materials you ordered are ______.

          A. out of work B. out of stock C. out of reach D. out of practice

          14. A university is an educational institution which ______ degrees and carries out research.

          A. rewards B. awards C. grants D. presents

          15. The manager was concerned to hear that two of his trusted workers ______.

          A. will leave B. are leaving C. have left D. were leaving








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